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You can enter figures in the Sudoku by clicking on the mouse or with your keyboard. Just click on the button “Options” to modify the level of your sudoku or to show the candidates. Enjoy it ! Best regards, Gregory.

Google Goggles : get the Sudoku solution

You are doing a Sudoku in your prefered newspaper and you don’t want to wait next week to check your answer or you cannot resolve it but you d’like to show to your girlfriend that you are a sudoku master ? Use the Android Smartphone application Google Goggles ! :-)

Minimum sudoku

What is the smallest number of starting clues a Sudoku can contain ? A sudoku that is uniquely solvable ? It seems that the answer is 17. Yes, but are you sure it is not 16 ? Thanks to Gary McGuire and pals at University College Dublin it is sure. During one year, they have tested all 16 Sudoku to check if they were uniquely solvable. They were not !

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Sudoku for beginners

“Sudoku” what is it?

Sudoku is a numbers puzzle game where the objective is to logically arrange numbers on a 9×9 grid.  The playing board consists of a square board with nine rows, nine columns and nine 3×3 squares identified by darkened lines on the main playing board.  The puzzle begins with some numbers already given on the grid and the challenge is to determine, through logical deduction, the remaining numbers.  To complete the puzzle each square is given one number from a range of 1-9 and no number can be repeated in any row, column or square.

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History of Sudoku

The modern Sudoku was designed by Howard Garns in 1979. The puzzle was introduced in Japan by Nikoli in 1984. In 1997, Wayne Gould developed a computer program to produce puzzles and promoted it in British newspapers.

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Sudoku videos

It seems that Sudoku made them crazy. Discover a selection of the best videos from the Sudoku addicts ! We love them :-)

Let’s Sudoku

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